Frankenfinger and 3 A.M. Coffee

This has been a week. Without some laughter from the sassy sisterhood, support from my best friend and love, plus kid and puppy cuddles I would have permanently lost some of my sanity. Ok, I may have done that anyway.

Sunday, ER visit 1. I slip cleaning a butcher knife and slice my pinky open. It loots like someone wrapped ma garrote around it. An hour and a half later, I cannot get this to stay clotted and off I go. Eventually I am cleaned and glued after a humorous conversation about scarring. Sweet Physicians Assistant was worried about scarring if we did glue vs. stitches. That ship has long sailed with me. After a hysterical conversation with Sassy Leo Mama where I concluded if my scars were removed my skin would probably fall off we dubbed my finger “frankenfinger” and moved on. Also, I have lost count on how many times the people in my life have hit this particular finger since I have inured it. I swear I have a homing beacon there!

Monday, ER visit 2. One of my children has been having awful headaches off and on for months. They appear to be sinus or migraine however going to regular doctor when symptoms aren’t presenting hasn’t given us much information. Since this has ben recurring we took him to the ER when it began again. My brave little man did well on the blood panel and waiting; which is amazing given his terror of needles. Our RN was absolutely phenomenal. Thankfully, no immediate symptoms of concern but now process of elimination begins to decide this is just bad sinus/migraine.

Tuesday, date night with hubby. Halfway thru the night enters food poisoning. Are you fucking serious? thankfully, the case was mild but for the love of god can we please catch a break?!

Wednesday, kid birthday. Dog gate breaks. Four and half month old pit bull puppies are loose in my house while I drop kids off and go find a replacement gate. That is almost as terrifying as the sound of silence is to parents when their kids are home. Thankfully, I still have a house and furniture. New folding gate was acquired and I managed to get back to the kid party for cake and impromptu decision to bring the kids back here for sleepover.

Thursday, One year anniversary of my mom’s death. All I can say right now without crying more.

Friday, this has started at 3 a.m. with a toddler who doesn’t feel good and goes from happy giggling to crying. I am almost afraid to wake the other two. Mama needs a nap.

This has been a weird, emotional week. I think I need to crawl into a video game and a cup of coffee for a while and forget the world.

Much love, Viking Mama