Bacon & Chicken Brussel Sprouts (gluten free)

Food preparation is one of my passions. I love working with individual ingredients and turning out a dish that nourish people in body, mind and spirit. Friends and family gathered around the table chatting while they eat is magic to my soul.

This is a skill that I am continually working on improving. It is also one that I understand many people have difficulty with or find intimidating. Cooking doesn’t have to be this way. Start small and simple. In an effort to encourage love of cooking and exploration I am going to be sharing recipes and reinvention of leftovers that happen amidst the chaos of a family of five.

Today, was filled with appointments that took most of the morning. By the time I was able to come home and settle down my family had eaten and settled into their own activities. I was starving and needed to put something together that was quick. Fighting the urge to dive into a bag of chips I looked into the fridge and explored … oldest vegetable: Brussel sprouts, open meats: bacon, prepared meats: chicken add in the fact I keep onions and garlic on hand a quick and easy dish came to mind: Brussel sprouts with Onion, Garlic, bacon, chicken and seasonings.

I have stainless steel pans and a glass top electric stove; with the heat on medium (approx mark 4) I warmed some olive oil as I diced one small onion.

After that, I took two slices of bacon and chopped that into bite sized pieces that were then separated and placed in the pan with the onion. Cook thoroughly stirring often.

The Brussel sprouts need the ends chopped off then cut in half. After that they may be cut into coin sized slices. When the bacon is mostly cooked through add the Brussel sprouts and garlic to taste.

Dice 1-2 ounces of pre-cooked chicken and add to the pan. Stir and continue to cook bacon until desired crispness. The Brussel sprouts should be a lovely green.

Season everything with salt and pepper. Serve Hot.


One small onion

bacon, two slices chopped

Brussel Sprouts approx 12

garlic, minced 1-2 tsp

chicken 1-2 ounces pre-cooked

salt and pepper

Happy Cooking!

WaterLily Nature and Nurture Homeschool and Sassy Viking Mama