Devotion to Earth Mother and Sky Father

Earth Mother and Sky Father Preface

At nDraiocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) holds a place of honor for Earth Mother within their core order of ritual (COoR). This is based on the archeological evidence of her spiritual significance to our Indo-European ancestors. Ancient or modern we rely on Earth Mother for everything from water, food and shelter to beauty and inspiration.

Sky Father is not part of ADF’s core order of ritual. However, that does not mean he was not important to our Indo-European ancestors. As such, while not an official part of ADF’s ritual structure there are groves and individuals who choose to honor Sky Father.

“The union of the Sky God and the Earth Goddess, which maintains the cosmic order and bestows prosperity on the land as it’s fertilized by the sun and the rain, is often referred to as a hieros gamos or hierogamy, “divine marriage,” by historians of the religion. (1)

This concept can be found flowing through many of the myths that we can access. The Gods are known by many names from culture to culture. However, their concept and importance to each culture comes through in surviving mythology and archeological evidence.


14 February 2018


Earth Mother and Sky Father Devotion (Prayer)

Earth Mother

Blessed lady who first emerged at the dawn of creation,

Your cycle of life carries beauty, inspiration and death

Your body is Home to fur, fin, feather, scale and skin

Your body nurtures all who live, play and grow

In the land, sea and sky

Earth Mother, I honor you!

Sky Father

Creator of gentle breezes and vast storms

You who support Earth Mother with rain, sun and everything in between

Playground to feathered kin, inspiration and dreams

Home to Sun, Moon and Stars

Sky Father, I honor you!

Irisa MacKenzie 2018

Earth Mother and Sky Father shrine photos

Currently, these are kept on the kitchen table where the children can work with them. It consists of sage for sky father as the smoke represents purity and cleansing. This reminds me of the winds. An earth mother statue, tree incense burner, well and LED candles.

Relationship with the Kindreds: the Fire Within

Long before I was associated with ADF I worked with the Kindreds, but by other names: GodsGoddesses, Nature Spirits has specific names, and the Ancestors. So the broad term of Kindreds applying to GodsGoddesses, Nature spirits and Ancestors spoke to my soul.

Fire, Well and Tree along with incense offering were a representation of the elements that resonated within. Connections that I carry within my heart represented in nature and symbolized within my home upon my shrine.

Devotions feed the soul and deepen my relationship with the Kindreds. The practice of pausing for devotions make me set aside time each day to breathe. To step aside from my roles and responsibilities and connect with the flame of inspiration and fire within.

Taking this time each day to reach into that fire is something that has lapsed the last few years. The ebb and flow of the daily devotion has been frustrating at best. I saw this ebb and flow as a struggle with my faith. Instead it was showing me how to redefine my fire amidst the needs of small children, pregnancy, and life.

Now that the needs of family life have evolved once again I can shift some time and focus to a daily practice as well as writing liturgy. I look forward to the time of reflection, learning, deepening relationships and feeding the fire within.

Create, Live, and Love,

Viking Mama