Peace, Purpose & Passion

I believe that joy and love are the guiding stars to Know Thyself for a life lived with peace, purpose and passion. This journey to know, understand, evolve and adapt to stay in alignment with joy, love, self and the Universe is lifelong. We grow, adapt, and change all the time which makes it impossible to have a final growth point where we receive some sort of adulting trophy and are done.

Philosophers have long encouraged the study and understanding of the self. As an impressionable young woman who was raised to “be seen and not heard” and “be a good girl and do as I was told”, the philosophical concept of know thyself to understand personal and social ethics, along with the world around me was an awakening. Introduction into philosophy was my first introduction into a world beyond doing as I was told and living others agendas and expectations.

During the last thirty years, I have lived my life shifting from the teachings of my formidable years, early impressions of love, expectations and boundaries to a life aligned with know and understanding joy and love, expressing passion and finding inner peace.

This journey has brought me to a place where I believe the keys to a full, rich life include self honesty, personal awareness, communication, mindfulness, meditation, nature, nurture, boundaries, and love. It is my belief that everyone can live a life based on the philosophy Know Thyself to create a life they adore grounded in loving kindness and Universal connection.

Join me as I share stories, tools, tips, and personal experiences to help you create a life that you adore. Create a better life for yourself one moment, one experience, one choice at a time.

Courses, Coaching, and Meditations will soon be available!

With Love,

“Dream big. Live big. Adore your life. There is so much experience, so much love. Be grateful for your life and all of its potential.”

Irisa MacKenzie