Why Sass?

I have gone back and forth on why I am driven to write and what I want to share. The answer is that it is a need. When I do not write I feel totally lost and out of touch with who I am. As for what I want to write, a blog is the perfect place for the variety of topics that interest me.

At this juncture of my life, I am involved in self-exploration, understanding and all the components related to the Greek philosophy “Know Thyself.” During my youth I dug into this topic for my own well being. I had to heal from life choices and experiences.

Now, I continue to dig into this topic because my reasons for wanting to be the best version of myself has expanded and is larger than myself. It has to do with three loving, kind and impressionable human beings. I owe them my best self every day of our lives. After all, they did not ask to be brought into the world. The least I can do is make their beginning a good foundation.

Sassy is defined as “lively, bold, and full of spirit” this is in alignment with my spirit and in direct opposition to the way I was raised. There was a lot of children should be seen and not heard, along with “good girls don’t”, and those are boys interests … just to name a few. As I have journeyed to Know Thyself I have learned that who I am, desires and interests are valid. Speaking my mind is not being disrespectful, but being true to myself and the situations that I find myself in. I believe life should be passionate so a sprinkle of sass fits my just fine.

Outlaws, Pirates, Browncoats and Vikings have long held my interest. People living on the edge, not being held back by their fears and insecurities. As a youth, the romance of story books and movies certainly filled my mind and spirit with longing of courage and freedom. I understand the realities of those peoples and lives were not romantic or easy, but the lore of self-knowledge and personal freedom certainly appealed.

Mama speaks to my nurturing soul, tribe-building and love for my littles that gives me the strength to move through my days. It sheds light on my love and connection to the Earth and its creatures.

Can a title sum up anyone or anything? Not really, but we do our best to use them as a guidepost. I am a firm believer in self-evaluation, self-knowledge and passionate, meaningful living. However, what that means for me is going to be completely different than what it means to you.

I have been fortunate enough to have many adventures and journeys during my lifetime: student, teacher, daily worker, corporate professional, private business owner, dreamer, writer, mama, caretaker, and so forth. Not one of these identifies who I am. Each piece has added to the beautiful tapestry of my life. Fortunately, my tapestry has more light than dark this last decade.

We all have a variety of things that keep us going:
Along the way we develop faith in things,
have and lose hope,
learn about self care and what that means for us,
get feed societal information based on our location, economic status, race, religion and age,
have life experiences that we either do or do not learn from

Living our journey to the fullest, being passionate about what excites us, Communication, tribe building, family building … all of these are the things that excite me. Add in homesteading, working with my hands, wood-working and more all bring me joy. Now, to have enough hours in the day to pursue all that I enjoy and am passionate about, as well as dedicate the time on each of the relationships that I hold dear and I will have managed to find bliss. As for my lifespan, if it is judged by the amount of books still left for me to read I have hit immortality.

Be Sassy. Stay Sassy,

Red Skies (short story)

You remember standing at the bay window, cup of coffee in hand, birds chirping and a lovely breeze coming through. The security alerts issuing an all clear for the moment. Reassured by the combination of the security alert, cerulean blue skies and sound of the animals you sit down to enjoy the rare moment of serenity.

While enjoying the sound of birds singing, chipmunks chirping and dogs barking an instantaneous silence makes you sit bolt upright. Turning to look out the window the sky has turned red and what you can only describe as a golden thunderstorm filling the air with ball lightning now replaces the serene skies. The world looks transported with the red and gold skies so thick the view outside is obscured. Silence is replaced with the sounds of winds so loud that it seems as though the world is roaring, whether in pain or triumph you could not say.

Dashing to the security radio you press the alert button knowing that your location will be reported to the command centers and the alerts issued. Families and loved ones will hold onto each other while they await their fate. People no longer run that has been proven useless as these storms track you. You have prepared for this day and grab your emergency backpack, provisions and weapons bag. Now, you wait to see if the storm has chosen you.

The storm outside starts to pick up speed and for the first time a golden circle begins to form mere inches from you. As you feel a pull from the portal drawing you in, you know this is it and pray to the Gods for safety and strength to face the unknown. No one knows what happens to those that disappear through the portals. These anomalies are far from understood. You only know that they appear briefly leaving destruction in their wake. The tracked individuals disappear never to be seen again.

The golden light seems to envelop you, drawing you in like a gentle caress. This is totally unexpected giving the raging storm around the portal. The force of the portal is hypnotic and inviting. You find yourself walking forward deeper into the blue light. Shaking and scared you try and calm yourself with steady breathing. Suddenly, the storms are behind you and the skies before you are a breathtaking purple with a golden glow that reminds you of a sunset. 

Looking around you find yourself standing inside a small pavilion in the middle of a large meadow of flowers. The pillars holding up the roof remind you of the architecture found in Ancient Greece. As you slowly turn to take in your surroundings a gentle breeze caresses your skin and a sweet floral scent mixed with rainwater envelopes you. From beside you hear “Welcome Traveler, please come this way”. As you turn, there is a young boy dressed in simple blue tunic with light brown curly hair and golden eyes. He does not appear armed or dangerous, in fact he is smiling and seems welcoming.

“Where am I?” you ask him. He replies, “You are in Elpida. If you come with me my mistress will be able to give you the answers that you seek.” With that he simply turns and strides away as if he expects you to follow him. As you do not see any better options or sense immediate danger you follow him.

Scanning the horizon for potential destinations you notice a tree in the distance. This tree is unlike any you have ever seen. Saying it is enormous does not do it justice, but you do not know any other word for it. As you travel towards this tree you realize that it has beautiful golden apples. 

Moving among the tree are female figures that seem to be made of the tree, yet they are themselves. “What are they?” you whisper to your companion. He replies, “Maliades, protectors of this tree. Their lives are entwined in each others care. Some people call them tree dryads, but that is far too simple a term for these particular ones.” 

Enthralled with what you can only describe as the care of a mother with her child, you watch the Maliades glide and twine around every branch, leaf, bud, bloom, and fruit with harmony and grace. Before you can ask any more questions you find yourself at the base of this tree. How did that happen? Are you losing time or did you stare longer than you realized?

As if reading your thoughts you hear the whisper of a female voice “Time is different in the sacred places of the world. Shifts in thought, perception and reality happen as you strip away the protections of everyday life and walk in the truth of who you are. The longer you stay, the easier this will be.” Looking around for the source of the voice, you hear laughter and see a small brown, green and gold childlike tree dashing to the trunk. “Who are you?” You ask, but your companion answers “she is a child of the sacred tree.”

As she touches the trunk of the tree a golden archway surrounded with vines appears. Turning, she simply says “follow me” and dashes through. Your companion follows. The fact that you seem to have a choice in this is almost more frightening than the scenarios of violence and unrecognizable aliens that have haunted your sleep since these portals appeared twelve years ago. Curiosity begins to creep into your consciousness and you decide to step forward into the archway.

Stepping out of a smaller apple tree you find yourself in an orchard of these golden apple trees. Subtle movements, laughter on the wind, female voices overlapping tell you that each tree is tended by Maliades. Your guide continues forward and you realize that you must follow or be lost to the orchard.

Winding your way through the orchard you observe blue and purple skies, hear songbirds and laughter seems to flow on the winds. Attempting to gather information you try to engage your guide in conversation. He simply tells you that his mistress will answer your questions. After walking for some time you come out of the orchard into a simple meadow. 

A fountain is a short distance away with a picnic blanket and food laid on it. At you approach the guide goes to a small basin on the side of the fountain and washes his hands and face. He then indicates that you should do the same. Following his instruction you then see him sit by the food. An array of fruit and bread is on the blanket. He hands you a plate with an assortment and helps himself. The drink seems to be a lavender honey wine. Starving you partake and as your body begins to feel refreshed you also find a calm coming over you.

Thanking your host for his generosity, he smiles and rises from his seat stating it is time to meet the mistress. You gather your belongings and go with him. Not far from the fountain is a temple. The architecture reminds you of the Ancient Greek temples studied in art history.

Entering the temple you find yourself in a room that is alabaster in color with golden accent running along the wall. Was that called Greek Key? Candles and lamps adorn the entire pavilion giving it a warm, soft glow. In the very center of the room is a large circular fireplace. The flame inside is hypnotic, as is the woman sitting next to the flames. She is the perfect picture of serenity and contentment.

“Welcome to Mount Olympus,” she says smiling warmly in your direction. Suddenly, you feel the warmth of love and the smell of baked bread and roasted meat surrounds you. Behind the woman you notice huge hearths. Are these the source of the divine smells?

“Mount Olympus? You mean the home of the Olympians?” You say in a shocked voice. Bell-like laughter carries on the wind. “Oh, dear child, we are so much more than stores. Come this way and let us speak of where you are from and why you are here. I am Hestia.” 

“Hestia!?” you repeat. Shock and awe course through your veins. “Hearth keeper of Mt. Olympus? First and last to be honored among the Gods?” you manage to ask. 

Her laughter fills the air. “Yes, that Hestia,” she replies. “Now, come with me and together we will find why the sacred portal chose you as the latest traveler of Olympus. When the sacred storms choose it is usually to find an Oracle, Wise Woman, Healer or Hero. Trials of the heart and hearth will tell us which you are. Then we can help you fulfill your divine purpose. Too bewildered to speak you continue with Hestia further into the Temple.” 

Waking from a deep sleep, you turn on the light beside your bed and open your laptop to a new page. This dream is the perfect beginning to a story. As you happily type on the keyboard a sudden alert comes across a radio you do not ever recall owning. Glancing out the window you see red skies with golden lightning. Before your mind can fully register this; a golden portal opens before you. Is this the dream or was your dream the dream? What is your reality? 

Suddenly, you are on a pavilion in a meadow. A voice from beside says “Welcome back. I trust your travels were good?” Looking at the source of the voice you see the boy from your dream.

Irisa MacKenzie (copyright 2020)

Inspired by Reedsy weekly writing contest

Hope for 2020 & Beyond

There is despair all around the world.
Fear of tomorrow resides within my heart.
Worries over health, safety, civil liberties, and economy play in my mind to the tune of “What if?”
My tools are information, (un)common sense, daily awareness, and prayers to fan the flames of hope.
Hope for humanity to find decency and love.
Hope for equality, civil liberties, social justice, environmental healing, and economic stability+opportunity for all.

Irisa MacKenzie

Are you part of the problem or solution?

I have begun writing this post numerous times and I am at a loss. The thought that keeps crossing my mind is that the world is going mad. However, the reality is the world has long been mad. The virus and quarantine forced a quiet on the world that made it impossible for people to continue to submerge themselves in their daily lives to the point that they could ignore the madness that surrounds us.

As we looked to social media, news, podcasts and such to alleviate the boredom associated with quarantine. An awareness occurred. I know many people that were not aware of the racism and injustices that occur constantly in our world. People can no longer say that these issues do not exist. People can no longer say this doesn’t happen. Racism is real. Injustice is real. Fear is real.

My children want me to explain why this happening, so I did. After telling them the events that have occurred and watching news and videos they again asked me to explain why this is happening and not because they did not understand what we told them. They asked me to explain why one person would hurt another because of their skin color. I have no answer for them except some people are broken and they make the world broken.

They want to know how we fix things. How we make their friends safe. How they stay safe. We have begun conversations on using our voice and our vote. That is just a beginning. They are looking to me for answers that I cannot give. A fix that I do not have.

Today, my oldest and I went to a peaceful protest. We read signs, listened to speeches, observed and talked. We marched, chanted and regrouped. Both of us were emotional. At one point she was overwhelmed with emotion and saw I was too. We discussed how this should be emotional. We should feel things during this. Then she asked me if the world would always be this way. Would there always be a virus? Would there always be scary times?

My answer. I don’t know what the future holds for you and your brothers. I don’t know what crisis and fights will remain as you grow up. What I do know is that the world needs changing. People and society need to change. All I can do is learn with you, walk with you and do my best to help change the world for the better for you and with you.

What I do know is that if I do nothing I am as guilty as my parents for allowing and supporting racism. My parents taught racism with the slurs used to describe the neighbors based on their ethnicity. Stories of encounters with black co-workers and neighbors were never favorable. The N word was dropped by my grandmother and grandfather. No one corrected the people in my life. No one stood up to them. When I felt uncomfortable with the conversations and questioned them I was told I was naive and didn’t understand because I had no life experience.

I wasn’t naive. I was a person who listened to their heart and soul and knew what was being said around me wasn’t right. It felt uncomfortable to hear people spoken of in that vile manner, especially when we were never hurt by anyone of any color.

I remember being 10 and making myself peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. As I went to sit outside on the steps to eat I looked to the end of my driveway and saw two homeless people going thru my trash cans for food. I made more sandwiches and took them to them. I remember them tearing up when I brought them food and told them they deserved to not have to go through trash cans for food. They were kind to me and went about their way. I went inside. When my parents learned what I did I was punished for months. As an adult I know what happened was gaslighting, but I never understood why I was punished. Shouldn’t all people have food? Shouldn’t all people have a place to live?

I’m one of the lucky ones. I did not succumb to generations of racism and ignorance. Easily, so easily I could be an even bigger part of the problem. However, I did succumb to fear. Fear of speaking out. Fear of using my voice for change.

We are all affected by racism is some way. There is no equality while there is social injustice. End racism. End homelessness. End child hunger. The list continues. Make changes for the better. We cannot have peace until we erase fear. Doing nothing is being complicit.

Sassy Viking Mama

Dying Eggs – Not just for Easter

A favorite childhood activity was dying Easter eggs. As a parent I was very excited when I got to introduce this activity to my children. After making that first batch for them to dye and eat. I noticed how these eggs were easier for them to peel because they could see the difference between the shell and the egg more easily.

We did a batch of eggs yesterday and the three year old was delighted to see the cracks form in the colors and peel off the shell to reveal the egg. Simply coloring the shells transformed an ordinary hard boiled egg into a magical discovery filled with wonder.

Dying eggs is also an easy activity for brain breaks, rainy days or over-hot summer days. It also adds excitement to the cooking process. Also, they love having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick snacks, tossing in salads and Sassy Viking Mama’s egg salad is a huge hit around here.

Stay Sassy

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

New Normal

We have been taking a different approach to the quarantine at WaterLily Nature and Nurture. The sassy tribe is focusing on bonding, simplicity, nature and play. The more we focus on bonding and exploration and the less we focus on ‘getting back to normal’ the more our anxiety drops and we create a new way of life with lots of love and laughter.

This isn’t to say that we haven’t had our share of anxiety, crying, tantrums and depression while adjusting. Having to explain why they cannot be closer than 6 feet to the neighbors or why our friends cannot come over was difficult. Explaining that we have been cancelling summer plans that involved large groups was heartbreaking because the anticipation that had been involved.

The hardest conversation has been getting the kids to understand that life has permanently shifted and the easiest way to accept that is to stop wondering when the old normal will begin again. Today, we can accept that we are under quarantine and that will not be forever. Today, we can enjoy each other with games, stories and cuddles. One of our tomorrows will let us hug loved ones who are currently far away. Until then we are fortunate to be able to video chat with those not residing with us.

Now, we are shifting focus to nature exploration … a budding spring is perfect for this. Plus we have unopened games and craft projects and sharing new and old tv shows and movies. Currently, we are rewatching the Last Airbender and the 3 year old is enthralled, as it is his first time seeing it. The older kids haven’t seen it long enough that it is familiar but they don’t know it by heart.

I do hope that on the immediate scale you embrace those you reside with and strengthen relationships. That you take the time to simply listen to your kids and chatter with them and their silliness.

Have an adult project? let them experience the joy of “hold this” or teach them to turn a screw or (if age appropriate) hammer a nail. Take time to share basics of sweeping floors, washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming and dusting. Glass … my kids fight over who gets to clean glass and mirrors.

It is okay for us to relax and focus on immediate things. It is okay for us not to be scheduled every minute of the day. In fact, it is healthy for us to take down time and vacation. It is healthy to have boundaries on our time and resources. As an adult, reset yourself and find the simplicity that should reflect life.

On a larger scale. I sincerely hope that our world becomes more community minded. That we realize the problems with our healthcare industry, monetization of everything and the value of our teachers – just to name a few. I hope we begin to realize that a college degree isn’t what makes us brave or valuable. That any hard working individual can be brave and valuable and deserves a decent living wage. I hope our country realizes that too many working individuals live on the brink of poverty and homelessness and that we say no more.

Please take this time to create a new normal. Not just for yourself, your family and friends but for the greater good of our society. Take tragedy and make the world a better place. Show the resilience, beauty and compassion of humanity.

Breathe. Think. Embrace Change. Create a New Normal.

Hang in there! Sassy Tribe

Mantra for Acceptance

Mantra’s are words or sounds repeated in meditation. They are an excellent tool for self-improvement and building self-confidence. Recently, I have been introducing my children to mantras to help them accept the new reality that they live with.

Today, we worked together to create some mantras to begin our day with. I have a version for kids, teens and adults. Hopefully, this will assist you with your work in accepting the changes in our world and encourage you to write your own.

Namaste’. WaterLily Nature and Nurture Homeschool and Sassy Viking Mama

Unscheduled Time … OH MY!

Most Americans are overworked with schedules that do not allow for a moment of rest, play, fun or connection. We feel a sense of obligation to keep doing and that limits our ability to connect (with others, nature, etc) and truly experience life.

Our society has undergone a significant shift due to the coronavirus. In an effort to reduce the spread and death rate of the virus activities have been cancelled, social distancing is a must, businesses are closed, schools closed and we await updates and news each day on the course of this virus and its impact on the world and way of life as we know it.

This leaves many people at home with time on their hands. Unscheduled time is not something that Americans are used to. Prior to the coronavirus people residing together often were ships in the night, passing briefly and swiftly their relationships illuminated briefly and then different obligations pulling them in different directions.

Now, most of us are faced with unlimited face time. This is a difficult adjustment. Days spent away from small children are suddenly filled with noise and non-stop activity. Adults who live together may not have spent any significant amount of time together on a daily basis; suddenly you are always together.

As such people will annoy each other. We will get on each others nerves. However, this is a beautiful opportunity to learn about each other and learn how to be with each other. Explore likes together. Practice a hobby, try something new.

The other day we watched a watercolor video on painting a spring tree and then sat as a family and painted. Each tree was different and we explained what our vision of the tree was.

Cook together. The older kids made pancakes and sausage for lunch. The younger boys made muddy buddies for the mid day snack. Afternoon family cooking has become our thing because at dinner I am too exhausted from the day to have the patience to instruct the kids on cooking. However, taking the time mid-afternoon is a wonderful mid-day break from school, work and chores to relax and be together.

I found the kids getting snippy with each other, even after getting some energy out outside. Tomorrow, we are going to let each of them do a short video on what they think Kindness is then have them all watch it together. After that we shall have a discussion on kindness and what we can do to not get on each others nerves so quickly.

Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow together. Be gentle with yourself and each other. Take a walk, meditate, journal, create … do what you can to create a new more relaxed self from this day forward.

Waterlily Nature and Nurture & Sassy Viking Mama

How to Transition from Busy to Staying Home

Each state has its own shut downs, work from home placement of non-essential personnel, school closings and social distancing mandates. Every single one of us has a list of projects, chores and so forth that we have put on the when I have time list. Now is an excellent opportunity to pull out that list and make a plan.

Today, we are going to write down a master list of task that we have been wanting to tackle. Then look at the time, cost and importance of each task. Pick one thing to do a day and focus on that.

Some of the items on our list:

laundry … how can I be so far behind on laundry?

Deep cleaning … perfect time for an old-fashioned spring cleaning. Intimidated by the thought of this? Don’t be. Break the room down as you would a work or school project.

Step one: move the furniture that can be safely moved and clean the baseboards and walls.

Step Two: vacuum, sweep or mop where the furniture was.

Step Three: Vacuum or dust the furniture (front to back, top to bottom) before putting it in place Hint this is also an excellent time to rearrange if you have been thinking of it.

Step four: pick another part of the room and repeat.

Step five: clean lamps, pictures, knick-knacks, dust books, games, cd’s, dvd’s,

Step six: add to your laundry: was throw blankets, *if* your drapes are washable do so otherwise vacuum them,

step seven: glass (do not spray electronics with any cleaners)

Closets, Cabinets, Storage Areas, Attics, Storage Totes and Lockers: Clean and organize the closet space. See what has been shoved in there. What is useful? What can be repurposed? Where the hell did that come from? OMG what is this disgusting thing …. Kids! Deal with this unintended science project! Don’t need something? Put it aside for charity or organize a community, neighborhood or friend swap. Please, do your best to not add to the trash problem.

Garages: Clean and Organize. Yard equipment: maintenance, oil, check blades for sharpening. Tools: clean off rust, oil, organize.

Kids toys: These things multiply worse than the laundry and dirty dishes. Go through and get all the broken toys, happy meal toys and the ones you hate. Broken toys can usually be recycled. Teach your kids about charity gifting or selling things to put money towards something they really want. If you give to charity or decide to sell please make sure that it is clean, sanitized and in working order. Just because a kids gets a second hand toy doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be nice. Involve your kids in the process and you will have a lot less fighting and fussing.


Turn it into a DANCE PARTY!

Wear silly hats while you clean.

Fun Competition: Set a timer and see who can clean out which cabinet first and give that person a reward such as picking tonight’s movie; drawing them an elaborate bubble bath; let them pick the game for tonight, etc.

Live alone? Make a plan to indulge yourself when the project is done. Dig out your favorite chocolate. Binge watch your secret favorite show. Do something fun you haven’t done in ages!

Don’t be afraid to NEGOTIATE with each other on what needs done. One of the kids hates folding laundry. I want to fold laundry so I can binge watch Criminal Minds. Hence, negotiation. I will fold the bulk of the laundry if each of the kids puts away their laundry. The child who hates folding also agrees to put away the toddler’s laundry.

HOMESCHOOLING SLANT Involve your kids in the task you are doing. Will it take longer … yes. Will it be done exactly the way you want it to be … NO. Will they learn something … Yes. BREATHE, RELAX, SHARE … Life tasks are just important to learn as the information in schoolbooks. We don’t have anywhere to be so don’t rush, enjoy and bond.

WaterLily Nature and Nurture’s plan is to empty all of the laundry from the kids bathroom by having the older children take turns bringing the laundry down to the kitchen (our laundry room is the hallway off the kitchen). Then we are going to play a sorting game to prep the loads. After that each kid will take a turn putting loads in with my supervision on the soap and settings. Next, the kids set a timer on Alexa for the laundry so they know when the next person’s turn is to help mom flip laundry.

While the laundry process is happening today the kids will divide the bathroom up to clean it. One will get the toilet and floor surrounding it. Another will get the mirror, sink and cabinet, and the third will get the tub and remaining floor. Myself or another adult will supervise and explain to them how to do this.

In between all this is a great time for music, games, binge watch a show, walk the dogs, etc. Use your imagination, relax and remember to breathe and make your own schedule. Follow the sun and moon. Rest if you are tired. Eat if you are hungry. Laugh, cry, allow emotions to flow. Do art, read a book, listen to music, watch YouTube, learn a language, FaceTime a friend, really listen to your loved ones speak, journal, find yourself.

In the time of silence and fear I walk with myself and find the beauty and strength within myself and the world around me. I remake myself and change the world by creating a new normal. This is the time of the Phoenix and out of the ashes we can birth a better world, society and community.

Irisa MacKenzie 2020

WaterLily Nature and Nurture Homeschool and Sassy Viking Mama

Creating Normal

Creating normal during these times is important to combating the anxiety and depression of the effects on society due to coronavirus. Most Americans spend their days packed with things to do. We hurry from work to school to appointments to obligations to home and reset for the next day. Quality time is hard to get due to packed schedules. Down time and relaxation can be looked upon as being lazy and unmotivated.

Americans are now faced with enormous amounts of down time, alone time and time with their families … all of which can be made into quality time. First discover yourself. Stop and take a breathe. Think if you could do anything you wanted what would it be? Learn a language? Pick up an old hobby? Cuddle with your partner? Play with your kids? Read a book? Play a video game? Now is the time to do it. Feeling guilty? Start small. Set a timer for 30 minutes and then go do a chore around the house for 15 minutes … repeat.

This is a time of huge reset for the world. All the busy has been stopped. Uninterrupted time with those we reside with is upon us. Many of us have been detached from ourself, our family, friends and the world around us for a long time. Our lives have become filled with things and obligations. Now is the time to see if that is the quality and type of life we really want. Take the time to shape your world the way you want to. Let us make the best of these times and create new normals during this change.

When is the last time you focused on yourself? Spent several hours just with you? Being alone is not a punishment, frightening or scary. You are an incredible person who deserves to be known but no one else can know you if you first do not Know Thyself.

Don’t know where to begin? Get a journal (notebook will do fine) and write down three things that you used to enjoy doing. Can you write three more? If so great, if not that is okay for now. Examine what you wrote down. How realistic are these activities for your current life? How does the thought of pursuing this activity make you feel?

Now make a list of three activities that you are curious about. Can you write three more? If so great, if not that is okay for now. Examine what you wrote down. How realistic are these activities for your current life? How does the thought of pursuing this activity make you feel?

Next, pick one activity to try at least three times this week. Write down your thoughts and feelings after each experience. This will help you determine if this is an activity you wish to continue doing in the future.

Along with this, speak with your family and find out what they want to do, try, learn and explore. You will learn things about yourselves and each other. Use this to bond and grow your relationships and yourselves.

Happy Exploration!

WaterLily Nature and Nurture Homeschool with Sassy Viking Mama