Breathe and Remember

This is for you, a reminder that you are valuable …. you have worth …. these emotions that you feel as you practice mindfulness are necessary. These emotions tell you where you currently are, you are not stuck here, you do not need to reside here. This is not your life. This is your moment. Breathe.

Mindfulness is an exquisite practice, as I hope you have discovered, but what we learn about ourselves and the situations and relationships in our lives may not be equally exquisite. I am here to remind you that it is okay if you don’t like everything that you see and here at this moment.

The mindfulness you have been cultivating, the observations you have been making are important. These emotional, physical and intellectual insights that you have cultivated about your life are the catalyst for you to create a life that you adore.

Creating a life you adore does not mean there will never be parts you don’t like. We are humans interacting with other humans in a money based society filled with a plethora of wants, needs and desires. That recipe does not make for non-stop happiness.

However, continued mindfulness will be the greatest too you can have to navigating both the immediate and larger world around you. Change what you can to make both better. Embrace your dreams and find or create the opportunities you need to be the best version of yourself.

Embrace your growing pains and know that this is not permanent. You are moving forward every minute of your life. Continue being mindful, embrace the knowledge and blossom into a life you adore.

In Peace,

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