Journal Prompt – Luxury & Self Care

Now is the time to take out your journal and pen. Let’s take three deep breathes: in through the nose, out through the nose, again breathe and feel your diaphragm move slow and deep, lastly one deep breathe in the nose and out through the nose … breathe and feel relaxed. Now, return to your normal breathe.

I want you to create two lists. The first list are those things you enjoy that cannot cost a dime. The second list can involve investing in yourself financially. The purpose of this exercise is to see luxury and self-care in a new light. For each list I wish you to come up with 8 items.

Write: I feel amazing when ….
This is the time to list anything that makes you feel fantastic, beautiful, cared for, loved, sexy, decedent, luxurious …. just flat out amazing!


4 thoughts on “Journal Prompt – Luxury & Self Care”

  1. My list of 8:
    “No cost” I feel amazing when:
    1. I spend a portion of my day listening to or reading a good book.
    2. I start my day with Dean’s Beans (my brand of choice) coffee.
    3. I get a good beating from a play partner.
    4. I shave with my safety razor and eco-friendly shaving cream.
    5. I am working on a crochet project, particularly for someone I care about.
    6. Coloring!
    7. I take time to remind myself of the parts of my body I love.
    8. I take a morning walk with Pokemon Go after breakfast.

    I feel luxurious when:
    1) I eat sushi, seaweed salad, and miso soup
    2) I make snack trays for lunch with brie, olives, prosciutto fresh veggies, and fruit.
    3) I spend my money at a local/small business on homemade eco-friendly products or fanmade nerdy artwork and decor.
    4) I eat organic fair-trade chocolate.
    5) I have a new to me blanket (ex: my Lunafida Kraken hooded blanket)
    6) I am bought new stuffed animals.
    7) I buy new to me clothing that fits me well (Gods I miss thrifting right now…)
    8) I spend money on a massage.


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