Do you ever feel like everything is going wrong?

Sometimes it feels that no matter what we do everything goes wrong. All of our plans go astray. Unexpected financial expenses come out of nowhere. Frustrations seem to pile up. It seems the harder you try the more resistance you find.

You cannot help but think of all the hard work you are putting into yourself. Whether it is changing behaviors, habits and self expression. Attitude. Aligning with Universal abundance. Conscious guardianship of your finances. Healthy lifestyle and habit changes. Whatever you are working on so you can better Know Thyself and create the life you adore is just going as wonky as possible. I empathize so much.

For decades I have remotely discussed my dream of being a writer and speaker. I have given workshops when time allowed, but didn’t make the time for this focus. I dabbled, sound familiar? Finally, I have been making space in my life to prioritize this dream.

I took the necessary steps to cultivate creativity. Lots of art was made. Writing prompts have been used and contests entered. Daily journaling. Telling my family I want time to work on my writing career … consciously using the word career to make that energy and attitude shift. Joining a writers group with a time commitment to projects. Telling family and friends my goals … the scariest one!

Next to this I am working on health and nutrition. Aside from the dietary changes I bought a bike. Third ride, I crashed. I am talking twisted wrist and ankle, major bruising and road rash on my leg and arm, seriously damaged fingers (typing hurts).

It certainly does not feel like the Universe and I were working together. It would be so easy right now to say this was a sign to not move forward. Instead, I took a breathe and meditated.

Opening myself to the Universe I realized that aligning doesn’t just happen with a snap of the fingers. Myself and the Universe are checking each other out to see how we best mesh for this new phase of our relationship. It isn’t unlike dating someone and a major change happens in that relationship. You both need to see where you are currently, input the new information and determine the next steps to line up your individual life goals. Sometimes things get a little weird at first and there are misunderstandings.

This down time for resting these bones has given me more time to contemplate, plan and evaluate how to achieve my goals. I’ve done a map of how I hope August will go. Then I worked on some outstanding projects to clear them up and create more space for my primary focus.

A setback is often just that. If Murphy drops by for a visit and totally mucks with your plans, don’t let yourself think the Universe doesn’t want to align with you. Offer Murphy a drink and let his weird wisdom wash over you. Talk to the Universe. Open yourself to the bigger picture. Evaluate and adjust, but don’t give up.


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