Coffee Talk Thoughts

A few days ago a friend sent a blurb about the new game Coffee Talk. While I love to game, getting time to game is difficult for me and when I do have the time I often do not have the brain power left due to exhaustion. I adore coffee, novels and writing so this seemed the perfect combination for me.

I began the main story line yesterday and wrapped it up today. It reminded me of why I love coffee shops, coffee and writing. The joy in the fact that there are always stories around us, if we only are observant. Plus a surprise in the end about the barista character that you play.

As a stay at home mom of three kids the fact that I can pause and put the switch down is a huge plus for me. Music is enjoyable and fun to play with, but all of it is low key and relaxing. With the noise of kids and dogs, relaxing is a huge plus.

Coffee Talk takes place in Seattle during the year 2020 when other races have joined humans in daily life. The characters feature multiple races and genders while their careers span free-lance, writer, IT, game developer, cop, shop owner, etc. Yet they all find comfort in coffee and story sharing. The coffee shop becoming a safe place for the characters. A Cheers! of the coffee world.

I highly recommend this for anyone who loves visual novels, coffee, or people watching.

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