New Year’s Eve Family Style

New Year’s Evening was a quiet affair this year. My partner had to work early this morning, so we opted to stay home instead of heading to our friends annual party. Two of our children were old enough to stay up and watch the ball drop.

I introduced my family to the game Photosynthesis. It deals with growing trees from seed to maturity to death as well as the revolution of the sun. The kids loved it despite us fumbling our way through only one and half rounds of the game before realizing we were making rules mistakes. After that we decided to put it away and try again tonight when there was more focus and sit still abilities.

Pro Tip: don’t try to read rules and explain a game you have only played once with a three year old throwing an overtired fit, plus excited 8 and 5 year olds and expect to be successful in comprehension and explanation of gameplay.

Overall I love this game. I had been interested in this for a long time. My son-in-law brought the game down for Christmas visit and I was hooked. The artwork is amazing and as my partner pointed out I am enthralled with big box games with beautiful artwork. Anytime I can add in teachings of the cycle of life and nature I am totally going to do that.

After that was a giant cuddle pile on the sofa. Daddy napped, we took turns picking shows and the puppies lost their minds with attention. After a bit we turned to art and dancing. The excitement of the five year old when the countdown began and the ball dropped was off the hook. I wish I could have bottled his energy.

Bringing in the New Year with love, cuddles, art and music was an amazing way to bring in 2020.

May your New Year be blessed with love, friendship, prosperity, peace, kindness, humanity and laughter.

Mama Irisa

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