Origins 2019

Brick and Mortar has planned their separate routes to Origins 2019. Brick would load the wagon and caravan with comrades to our Amtgard meeting grounds. Mortar would load supplies along with Boulder, Pebbles, and BamBam in her wagon and set up their temporary homestead near the meeting grounds.

Upon arrival, Brick scooped up his offspring and allowed Mortar to settle in without BamBam destroying everything in site. The Vikings in training made their way to the meeting grounds. Mortar secured the encampment then decided to allow another persona to visit.

A short time later the Oracle of Delphi was ready to visit the meeting grounds. The purple detective was first to greet her that day. They spoke of her security investigations for the weekly meeting and the oracle has foreseen that this meeting would be blessed by the Gods in fellowship, frith, education, and the bonding of our small ones.

After greeting Brick, Brill, Feyraine and other comrades Mortar ensured that the Little Monsters Den was established for the meeting. Here the small ones found small shields, swords, dragon eggs to quest upon, and dice to roll with monster comrades.

The next day the five of us explored the den of imagination. This is a wonderous place to find comrades of dice, card, cosplay, and general fellowship. We found dice to sparkle the imagination, storytelling, meteor’s, assassins, trolls, magic, dungeons and much more. There was a man of great imagination that had munchkins playing Warhammer and munchkins who dressed in steampunk alongside blogs and smacking kittens.

Back on our meeting grounds there were travelers far and wide. I enjoyed meeting those from our kingdom at large as well as those from other kingdoms. Friendships and alliances began this week that will enjoy a lifetime of growth.

Amongst weaving friendship, a weaving skill of macrame has begun. Dragon eggs were quested for and battle skills enhanced. Many little monsters came upon us with their guardians. They enjoyed sharing tribal stories, practicing their swordplay and discussing other wide ranging creatures called Pokémon. Boulder, Pebbles, and BamBam began to forge alliances for their generation.

The meeting of Origins 2019 was a glorious time and we look forward to the next meeting.


Sassy Viking Mama and Family

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