New Adventures on the Horizon

It has been too long since I have sat down to write. My mind feels a clogged mess as the words attempt to find a way out. Chaos feels as though it is pressing down as I struggle to keep my logical mind focused on the current goal.

My words have been silent but my actions have been in overdrive. The beginning of April our family embarked on the adventure of searching for a new home. Tomorrow, we close on a house. I am beyond excited and stressed about getting the remaining packing done in time.

Our kids are excited. While they had fun looking at all the houses; they were also very glad when we were done. Packing with three children under the age of six is an adventure. I am including them in most of it and when they tire of the work we find ways for them to decompress. Usually through neighborhood friends or tablet time. The one year old is being very clingy right now; it is nice to be his safe space. All in all the kids are handling this very well.

My partner is working an enormous amount of hours for a work project, so I am pretty solo on this side of the adventure. I have watched the video that I took of the house a lot to help keep my sanity right now.

This is all good stress, but it is stressful nonetheless. This time next week I will be having coffee in my own little sanctuary. I will have several writing nooks, a shared office on the first floor (our current office is in a basement) and a property that is small but inspiring.

Honestly, I cannot wait to put a chair by the creek and write. To sit and be with our little piece of nature a stone’s throw away from downtown. A place to set our own roots, create and replenish our soul’s.



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