Notable – daily challenge

There is a dream deep within my soul that I have carried with me from an early age. Am I worthy of this dream? Do I deserve the success of this dream? Those are the questions that plague me. I have no doubts that I can achieve that dream. Fear keeps me from being the notable person that I wish to be.

I was told as a child that all the problems in the world of adults around me was my fault. This left me convinced that I was worthless and undeserving. The fear that this is true keeps my from my deepest dream. The one I know that I can succeed at if I can get out of my own way. The one that will let me leave my mark and make my life notable.

Each word I write in public and private. Each connection I make with another human brings me closer to believing I deserve the success and opportunity of my dream. I have no doubts in my abilities. I doubt my worth.

In response to these doubts I have pledged this be the year that I face the fears that feed my self-doubt and destroy my self-confidence. I write, connect and share. I practice kindness and compassion on myself as well as forgiveness. I embrace the love that I believe in. All in an effort to be the notable person I wish to be.

Carpe Diem

Irisa MacKenzie

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