Coffee and Compassion

I stop for a moment and reflect upon compassion to myself. The bulk of my time is spent guiding three young ones, being an active and supportive partner and then making time for family, friends and Grove.

Often, I feel I am failing those closest to me. Being a stay at home parent is more demanding and time consuming than any career or job I have ever had. If I have love for you, I will do my best for you.

This grants me a rich family life but leaves me feeling stretched thin. Pushing myself farther each day to be better than the day before. I have very high self standards and when I fail to hit my personal goals and standards this leaves me hollow and hurting.

So I once again begin my practice of compassion, starting with myself. I am once person providing care for many, working many rolls and trying to feed my soul.

In this moment, I light myself a flame for compassion and hope. I will simply sit in this present moment observing my world and drinking a cup of coffee. Gently refilling my inner well with compassion, hope and stillness.

How can you practice compassion on yourself?


Irisa MacKenzie

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