Life is a Passionate Adventure!

Grab a hot cup of coffee and stay for a while. This is a place to discuss life and its unexpected journeys. The main adventurer and sharer of tales is Sassy Viking Mama. I am a stay at home mama of three kids, two dogs, tribe maker, gamer, photographer, homeschooler and writer. Founder of WaterLily Nature and Nurture Homeschool! Combining love of life, necessary education and passion for a life of exploration and love. Life should be a passionate adventure and with a full family and growing tribe there is never a dull moment! Welcome to the Sassy Tribe!

Most Americans are overworked with schedules that do not allow for a moment of rest, play, fun or connection. We feel a sense of obligation to keep doing and that limits our ability to connect (with others, nature, etc) and truly experience life. Our society has undergone a significant shift due to the coronavirus. In […]

Each state has its own shut downs, work from home placement of non-essential personnel, school closings and social distancing mandates. Every single one of us has a list of projects, chores and so forth that we have put on the when I have time list. Now is an excellent opportunity to pull out that list […]

Creating normal during these times is important to combating the anxiety and depression of the effects on society due to coronavirus. Most Americans spend their days packed with things to do. We hurry from work to school to appointments to obligations to home and reset for the next day. Quality time is hard to get […]

Food preparation is one of my passions. I love working with individual ingredients and turning out a dish that nourish people in body, mind and spirit. Friends and family gathered around the table chatting while they eat is magic to my soul. This is a skill that I am continually working on improving. It is […]

Nature is wonderful and amazing. Aside from providing us with the resources that we need to live being in nature is wonderful for our mind, body and spirit. Being in nature is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and depression. My children and I have had a lot of conversation about what is […]

Step one: Don’t Panic Step two: Do you know where your towel is? If not, may I recommend reading Douglas Adam’s HitchHiker’s Guide to the Universe? Step three: The only answer that matters is 42 For those individuals hit by the homeschool panic, I thought I would share some resources, ideas and sanity savers. Homeschooling […]

The years ebb and flow as the tides dance to the moon. Our personal phases cycle as does the moon. We have moments in our life that are so bright we forget we ever knew the darkness. Other phases are the darkest night. These are the phases that lay us bare; open and vulnerable in […]